Katalog kurzů

Courses delivered in English in academic year 2019/2020

Course Catalogue
AKD1Cultural history of English-speaking countries IWinter2
ALIT1English language literature IWinter2
AJC1English language practice I
AJC3English language practice IIIWinter7
AJC5English language practice VWinter6
AFON1English phonetics IWinter3
AVVAHistory of the English language and its varietiesWinter3
AUPPIntroduction to teaching practiceWinter3
ALDID1Methodology IWinter3
ALDID3Methodology IIIWinter2
AMOR2Morphology IIWinter4
SPEMJVSpecific teaching techniques for language teachingWinter3
ASYN2Syntax IIWinter4
VPROJAZTeaching language systemsWinter3
APP1Teaching practice IWinter3
APP3Teaching practice IIIWinter3
AKD1Cultural History of English-speaking countries IISummer3
ALIT2English language literature IISummer4
AJC2English language practice IISummer7
AJC4English language practice IVSummer6
AJC6English language practice VISummer7
AFON2English phonetics IISummer4
ALDID2Methodology IISummer2
ALDID4Methodology IVSummer3
AMOR1Morphology ISummer3
APPLAPlanning for teachingSummer3
ASYN1Syntax ISummer3
AVCJSUTeaching a foreign language for specific purposesSummer3
VREDOVTeaching language skillsSummer3
APP2Teaching practice IISummer3
APP4Teaching practice IVSummer3

Course Catalogue - Electives
Approaches to teaching English grammar2
AVUAZArt of English speaking countries2
ASLTAssessment in LanguageTeaching
AICTE1Critical theory: an introduction2
AICTE2Critical theory: postmodernity and postmodernisms2
AECPEnglish for communicative purposes2
AROSZExtending vocabulary2
AUAPIntroduction to academic writing2
AICFIntroduction to cultural features of the English-speaking world2
AUMORIntroduction to morphology2
VDMIntroduction to Teaching young learners2
IHLAC1/2LAC / Language Awareness Course2
AMOSYMorpho-syntactic Analysis2
MTETMultimedia in language teaching2
ANARINarrative: an introductio2
AEXTR1Reading 1: science fiction2
AEXTR2Reading 2: crime2
AEXTR3Reading 3: the contemporary American short story2
AEXTR4Reading 4: horror2
ALITJVUsing literature in language teaching2